March Meeting: Creating World Peace

2017-01-25 13:39:29 mary

Sunday, march 5

3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

 E.P. Foster Library,  Topping Room


Sanderson Beck,

peace activist and author, will discuss his book

UNITING HUMANITY  by Spiritual Evolution & Democratic Revolution:

Solutions to the Megacrisis of Climate, Poverty & War

Loving people of the world unite:
to abolish nuclear weapons and disarm weapons of war,
to replace fossil fuels with clean and renewable energy,
to use wisely power of the sun, wind, water, and the Earth,
to tax carbon emissions in order to stabilize the climate,
to tax excessive wealth exploited from working people,
to provide education and health care for all people,
to nurture democracy by respecting human rights,
to establish world law, peace, and universal justice,
to treat every person as a member of the human family,
to act nonviolently to reform social and political wrongs,
to make sure all people have shelter and clean water,
to live gently on the Earth in harmony with Nature,
to create responsibly by considering the good of all,
to find peace by self-awareness, meditation, and prayer,
to respect ethnic, national, religious, & cultural differences,
to be compassionate toward those in need of help,
to be grateful for the sharing of wealth, talent, & abilities,
to love everyone regardless of personal differences,
to be honest, caring, and open with each other,
to use wisdom from experience of what works best,
to be courageous in facing difficult challenges,
to be forgiving of those who are willing to reform,
to be free of prejudice, contempt, greed, and arrogance,
to study, learn, and teach what is beneficial,
to preserve our mother Earth for future generations,
to live simply and share with the human community,
and to be friendly with everyone we meet.

Sanderson Beck is the author of 33 books that can be read on his website san.beck.org.

Sanderson earned an M.A. in Religious Studies at UCSB in 1971 and  was ordained a minister in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) in 1972. He completed
a Ph.D. in Philosophy in 1980.

Sanderson Beck was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War and has been arrested for protesting war crimes more than fifty times.

*People who wish to come early can listen to recorded peace songs from 1:30 to 2:50.

Admission Free

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February Meeting: Non-Violent Communication

2017-01-20 13:26:07 mary

Sunday, February 5

3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

 E.P. Foster Library,  Topping Room

651 E. Main Street

  Angry Conversations and Name-Calling About Politics Got You Down, or Guarded? Everywhere we go today we can hear, or read, or contribute to anger and/or name-calling about politics. Some keep their heads down and remain silent. Some jump in with both feet. Many agree that this “style” of “communication” does not bring people together, nor result in greater understanding. There is another way. Victoria Kindle Hodson, consultant, trainer, teacher, internationally recognized author, and passionate proponent of respectful interactions between people, will walk us through, and talk us through ways to bring peace and mutual understanding to our communications about controversial political topics, through the use of Nonviolent Communication. Admission Free.
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Ploughshares Petition: Take Nuclear Missiles Off Hair-Trigger Alert

2017-01-08 20:09:08 mary

Sign the petition here:

Taking nuclear weapons off high alert would not impede our country’s ability to defend itself. We could still respond to an attack. But it would buy time for the president to consult with Congress and other leaders and for cooler heads to prevail. We should not rush into a decision to start nuclear war.

As Obama said in 2008: “Keeping nuclear weapons ready to launch on a moment’s notice is a dangerous relic of the Cold War. Such policies increase the risk of catastrophic accidents or miscalculation. I believe that we must address this dangerous situation.”

Now, President Trump could launch 140 warheads in the time it takes to write 140 characters. The grave difference is: a tweet can be deleted, but the devastation of a nuclear warhead can never be undone.

Sign this petition to call on President Obama to use his authority to take nuclear missiles off hair-trigger alert status.

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January Meeting: Justice and Peace in an Interconnected World

2016-12-29 22:09:44 mary

Sunday, January 8, 2017

3-:00  to 5:00  p.m.

E.P. Foster Library, Topping Room

Rosaline Costa will speak on  justice, peace and conflict resolution issues which have been her main work in Bangladesh for  30 years.  Early on, she was attracted to work on behalf of  women and child garment workers.  She helped form the first trade union for garment workers, through which they could organize without affiliating themselves with any political party, bargain with their employers and secure their human rights.  She traveled to the United States in 1990 to bring attention to the use of child labor in the garment industry.   She helped to conduct training programs on human rights for various groups of people without discrimination of race, religion, gender, profession or ethnicity in the South Asian region.  She offered training to tribal youth on their land and constitutional rights.  She worked for trafficked women and children, rescuing kidnapped children from Islamic education centers and forced marriages.  She founded Hotline Human Rights Bangladesh, which monitored respect for human rights in Bangladesh.

Come and learn how her experiences can inform our own efforts to secure human rights and justice for all.

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March for Justice

2016-12-26 22:50:33 mary



You are invited to join a positive and peaceful demonstration of an inclusive America that reflects our diversity, values and constitutional equal rights.  On Saturday, January 21, the march will start at Plaza Park Ventura at 10AM, followed by a gathering with speakers, local groups and non-profit showcase, entertainment and more!

Let’s march in unity and support for women, LGBTQIA, immigrants, disabled, the planet, the poor, refugees, African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims and uphold the diginity and rights of every person…We will protect our human rights!

*Mobilize our community into action for causes that involve social justice, human rights and environmental issues
*Show solidarity and support for vulnerable groups
*Provide a platform to unite leaders and community organizations to ensure our effectiveness as a whole

The march will be held at the same time as the “Women’s March” taking place in cities like D.C., LA, and San Francisco.

So let’s come together and send a clear message that we will not stand for discrimination. We refuse to go backwards and allow to have our Civil Rights taken away. We live in the United States of America and we will stand United for equality and justice for all!


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