September Meeting: The State of Campaign Finance Reform

2014-08-13 21:59:44


After recent Supreme Court decisions, what are the prospects for campaign finance reform?   Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett will inform us about the current state of affairs.

Sunday,  September 7 ,  2014

3:00 to 5:00  pm

Topping Room, E.P. Foster Library

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Paths to Just Peace: Celebrating the International Day of Peace

2014-08-12 13:31:11

Kathy Kelly

Speaker Kathy Kelly is a long-time peace activist, author, and co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence (VCNV).

Come to learn and discuss what paths we might take in using nonviolent actions to promote a just and peaceful world.

Monday,  September 22nd, 2014           

6:30 to 8:30 p.m

.Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks

Roth Nelson Room(corner of Olsen & Mountclef)

Kathy has been a war tax resister for more than 30 years and has frequently been arrested for protesting US war policy.

In recent years, she has traveled regularly to Afghanistan where she has been a guest of the Afghan Peace Volunteers. She and her companions at VCNV have organized dozens of trips to war zones in the Middle East, believing that “where you stand determines what you see.”

A public action on Tuesday, september  23 at 4:45 pm will follow 

at the Naval Base in Port Hueneme (Bard Road entrance).

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Equality and Justice at CLU, Pace eBene,  the Bartimaeus Institute, Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions, Veterans for Peace,
Pax Christi So Cal, and the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.
For more information, contact donaldson.jake@gmail.com.

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The Business of Immigrant Detention: Is it worth the cost?

2014-08-11 14:01:55


GLOBAL EXCHANGE Ventura County Supporters

GORDON CLINT speaking about:
The Business of Immigrant Detention:  Is it worth the cost?

7:00pm – 8:30pm
Tuesday, September 9, 2014

As a volunteer with Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice – Ventura County (CLUE-VC), Gordon Clint has organized 18 carpool trips to Adelanto, the largest immigrant detention center in California. Clint is concerned about the perverse incentives of private, for-profit prisons and detention centers like GEO Group’s Adelanto facility.  He will share what he has learned about the cost of our detention and deportation system on immigrants, their families, and taxpayers.


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Hiroshima, 69 Years Later

2014-08-03 13:42:14

tax day fb action2Sixty-nine years ago this Tuesday, the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, killing 80-140 thousand people immediately. Three days later on August 9th, a second U.S. nuclear bomb was dropped over Nagasaki. From that week to the present moment the world has been held hostage to the insane threat and potential annihilation by these weapons that now number in excess of 17,000 worldwide.

However daunting, we have witnessed this past year some of the most significant progress and awareness of this threat and work to eliminate nuclear weapons, thus realizing the long standing desires of people everywhere, to live in a world free of nuclear weapons.

First, in December 2013, the Physicians for Social Responsibility and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War released a monumental report identifying the horrific potential devastation and death toll of up to two billion from a small limited nuclear war between Pakistan and India.

Then on April 24th this year the tiny heroic nation of Marshall Islands brought suit against the nine nuclear nations of the world in the International Court of Justice and the U.S. Federal District Court in San Francisco for breech of Article VI of the 1970 Non Proliferation Treaty which states that the nuclear nations of the world will work in good faith to eliminate all nuclear weapons.

In March of this year the Rotarian Action Group for Peace along with Physicians for Social Responsibility and the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War launched an international speakers bureau and campaign to educate about the “Humanitarian Effects of Limited Nuclear War.”

In February 2014, 146 nations–three-quarters of the nations of the world– attended the second Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons Conference in Nayarit, Mexico. Remarkably absent  were the U.S. and the other P5 nuclear signatory members to the NPT – China, Russia, France and U.K.

A similar conference is scheduled for Vienna in December, and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) itself is up for review in May 2015.  The U.S. has an opportunity and obligation to lead by example and attend and challenge the other nuclear nations to do likewise. We the people must demand that our elected officials push for this participation and that they represent us.  Action speaks much more than words alone.

Read the full op-ed by Dr. Robert Dodge:  http://truth-out.org/speakout/item/25340-hiroshima-69-years-later#.U92sqV-v2nA.email

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August Meeting: Nuclear Zero Lawsuits Update

2014-07-05 13:51:22
nuclearzero_lawsuits_black_red_logoDr. Dodge will update us on the Nuclear Zero Lawsuits

Sunday,  August 3,  2014

3:00 to 5:00 pm

Topping Room, E.P. Foster Library

Historic lawsuits were filed on April 24 against the U.S. and the 8 other Nuclear Weapons States of the world to meet their treaty obligations to disarm.  The Republic of the Marshall Islands has taken action in the International Court of Justice and in U.S. Federal District Court to compel the nuclear weapons nations to comply with their obligations, under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and customary international law, and begin negotiations for nuclear zero. On May 29, 2014, the U. S.  government filed the required Notice of Appearance with the United States District Court, Northern District of California, San Francisco Division.   Three lawyers were named who will be defending the United States in the case. They are:
  • Stuart F. Delery, Assistant Attorney General
  • Anthony J. Coppolino, Deputy Branch Director
  • Eric R. Womack, U.S. Department of Justice Trial Attorney
This filing demonstrates that the United States will indeed be appearing to defend itself and its agencies in court in this unprecedented lawsuit. For more information on the Nuclear Zero lawsuits, or If you would like to express your support for the courageous nation seeking to compel the nuclear weapon nations to fulfill their moral duty and legal obligation to begin negotiations for  nuclear disarmament go to www.nuclearzero.org/ Read  The Nuclear Zero Lawsuits: Who Will Speak for the People?  by Jody Williams and Bob Dodge.   The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists comment on the lawsuit:  http://thebulletin.org/import-marshall-islands-nuclear-lawsuit7143
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