Green Conversations Book Club: December 2012


connect informally WITH OTHERS who care about green living and values

 We welcome anyone interested in issues of
sustainability, green choices, ecojustice, and related themes.

WHEN: 1st and 3rd (and occasional 5th) Mondays at 5:00 pm
WHERE:Java Joe’s Coffee Shop,
Ste. 125,  2950 Johnson Drive   (805) 642-4332

Selection for December:

Humanity on a Tightrope:  Thoughts on Empathy, Family and Big Changes for a Viable Future by Paul Ehrilich

“Ehrlich, the author of numerous influential environmental books, and award-winning psychologist Ornstein address the need for empathy to maintain the health of civilization. While drawing on a long line of psychological experiments to show the inherent development of family ties and persistent ‘us vs. them’ mentality in human society, the authors also examine the development of the perfect Leave It To Beaver family stereotype and its enduring impact that has extended far beyond pop culture. A focus on family values that never actually existed, this has created a myth that justifies the concept of a different ‘them’ that thwarts attempts at transcending differences. With stark examples such as Rwanda to serve as warnings, Ehrlich and Ornstein segue into chapters on ‘building the global family.’ While political watchers may find it impossible to believe we could ever see beyond the smallest of differences, the authors remain hopeful and offer plenty of evidence that change will come, simply because the twenty-first century requires it. Thoughtful and sincere, this is a solid evidentiary presentation of an all-too-often emotional topic.’

Monday, December 3

FAQ: Do I have to read the book?” Well…… it is great
if you do read the book. On the other hand, if the topic interests you,
please come, even if you don’t always have time to do all the reading.

Green Conversations is a project of the Ventura Unitarian Universalist Committee for Green Sanctuary with Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions and Java Joe’s.

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