Green Conversations Book Club: January 2013


connect informally WITH OTHERS who care about
green living & values

WHEN: 1st and 3rd (and
occasional 5th)

Mondays at 5:00 pm
Coffee Shop,
Ste. 125,  2950 Johnson Drive   (805) 642-4332

Selection for January:

Community, Bringing Decision Making Back Home

  by Susan Clark and Woden Teachout

“Slow Democracy chronicles the ways in which ordinary people have mobilized to find local solutions to local problems. It invites us to the advantages of “slow” to our community decision making. Susan Clark and Woden Teachout outline the qualities of real, local decision-making and show us the range of ways that communities are breathing new life into participatory democracy around the country. We meet residents who seize back control of their municipal water systems from global corporations, parents who find unique solutions to seemingly divisive school-redistricting issues, and a host of other citizens across the nation who have designed local
decision-making systems to solve the problems unique to their area in ways that work best for their communities. Though rooted in the direct participation that defined our nation’s early days, slow democracy is not a romantic vision for reigniting the ways of old. Rather, the strategies outlined here are uniquely suited to 21st-century technologies and culture.
Susan Clark is a writer and facilitator focusing on community sustainability and citizen participation. Her democratic activism has earned her broad recognition, including the 2010 Vermont Secretary of State’s Enduring Democracy Award.Her work strengthening communities has included directing a community activists’ network and facilitating town visioning forums.
A historian and cultural critic interested in the development of American patriotic culture, Woden Teachout has taught at a number of colleges and universities, including Harvard, as well as, Middlebury College and Goddard. Her most recent book, Capture the Flag: A Political History of American Patriotism (Basic Books, 2009), was widely reviewed, including by The Wall Street Journal.


Monday, January
Forward, Preface, Intro and Chapters 1-4
January 21:
Chapters 5-8
February 4:
Chapter 9 through Appendix A

FAQ: Do I have to read the book?” Well…… it is great
if you do read the book. On the other hand, if the topic interests you,
please come, even if you don’t always have time to do all the reading.

is a project of the Ventura Unitarian Universalist Committee
for Green Sanctuary with Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions
and Java Joe’s.

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