Remembering Veteran for Peace John Piester

Love in Heart, Peace in Mind

Remembering Veteran for Peace, John PiesterJohn’s Memorial Service will be held at Meditation Mountain

10304 Reeves Road, Ojai
Sunday, January 20
2 to 4 p.m.

John’s war experience as part of the Brown Water
Navy in Vietnam changed him forever.  He wanted nothing more
than to end war and help children.  Once he came back he became
an active member in Vietnam Veterans Against the War and
dedicated his life to helping children through his work as a
Psychiatric Technician.  Never one to back away from controversy
based on principles, John was quick to call out injustice, stand
up for peace and the downtrodden.  He was forthright,
compassionate and did his best to transmute the darkness of his
war experience into real and meaningful love.  His later years
were a valiant struggle in many respects.
For more information call Cindy at 805-407-7997

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