Climate Hub March 2017

March 9,  6:30 – 9:30 pm

Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura,  5654 Ralston Street

The program for March 9 is in collaboration with the Environment Task Force of the new Justice for All Coalition.

They will present a vision for three advocacy groups targeting local, state and federal environmental issues hoping people will choose one to work with. Most of the meeting will be action breakouts for planning one or more upcoming events:

 March 23-April 13 Screenings “Merchants of Doubt” – Who wants to organize one or more screenings around the county?

Sat April 22 – Stand Up for Science March from 10-noon from Ventura City Hall to Plaza Park (Ventura Ecofest happening there) —–Who will help organize this with me and Todd? We’re keeping it simple, mainly need help doing outreach to science related folks to come out.
Sat April 29 – Peoples’ Climate March – we welcome input including if you have people who can help. —–Who wants to help organize this with Erica, Matt B, Tomas, Margot, Helen and Ron? A lot of help is needed!

May – Climate Town Hall—–Who wants to help organize this?

Contact:  Jan   805-746-5365

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