Ventura Sister Climate March April 29

Saturday, April 29

Mission Park, Downtown Ventura

2:00 pm

This is a sister event to the People’s Climate March in DC,  in partnership with the Ventura Botanic Garden. The event has 3 parts. People may participate in one or all 3 parts.
1) 2-3pm We will rally together at Mission Park in downtown Ventura to learn about climate issues and raise our concerns. We will listen to speakers, hear music, check out materials from non-profit organizations, and make a rainbow around the fig tree to symbolize the unity and diversity needed to work together to solve the climate crisis.
2) 3-4pm We will “swarm” from Mission Park to the Ventura Botanic Garden taking various routes obeying all traffic rules.
3) 4-6pm We will organize into one long line of color from red to violet and climb up the trail at the Ventura Botanic Garden to symbolize both the climb in temperatures and the increase in PPM of carbon in the atmosphere.

Wear shirts in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet, as we will be forming a “thermo-climb” up a trail to represent global warming.
Those wearing violet will have the shortest walk and those in red may have to hike up the trail a bit. Shirts are available for purchase online at, but any shirt in any color of the rainbow will do! Parents will want to color-coordinate with their children.

The march will culminate with an aerial photograph.

Food trucks will provide service at the Gardens after the photograph is taken, around 4:30.

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