Culture of Peace

May Meeting:  Educating Girls -- Saving the World

May Meeting: Educating Girls — Saving the World

Over six hundred Afghan girls are learning to read and write in two primary schools in a refugee camp in northwest Pakistan, near the Afghan border.  The schools were established eleven years ago — after 9/11 — and are supported and directed by a small group of volunteers from California.  Three Ventura County members of […]

Culture of Peace

Whether you call it the culture of peace, the great turning, the shift, or just pieces of the puzzle of creating a world that just might work for everyone,  peace is more than an absence of war.  We believe these are some of those pieces of peace.

April Meeting:  The Food Commons

April Meeting: The Food Commons

  “The Food Commons model is a new economic paradigm and whole system for regional food.” Larry Yee, Co-founder, and Coordinating Committee Member of The Food Commons (TFC) will present and discuss TFC at Citizens for Peaceful Resolution’s monthly general public meeting on Sunday, April 7th.  The Food Commons is a nonprofit organization that has […]

 Restoring Hope for America's Future through  Developing a Culture of Peace

Restoring Hope for America’s Future through Developing a Culture of Peace

On Friday, February 8, 2013, Dennis Kucinich, former Congressional Representative and Presidential Candidate, gave the Frank K. Kelly lecture on America’s Future. He is one of the most articulate leaders for peace in or out of government. Kucinich was an early supporter of the Nuclear Abolition movement and has traveled the world on behalf of […]


October Meeting: The Line in the Sand

One Act Play & Important Dialogue about Economic Justice Performed by the Drama Department of St. Bonaventure High School and co-sponsored by Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice of Ventura County  and The Ray Bradbury Theater & Film Foundation. The Line in the Sand: Stories from the US/Mexican Border by Jared Delaney, Gina Pisasale, […]