Executive Board Bios


CPR Executive Board Members 2014
My name is Bob Dodge.  I am a family practice physician in Ventura, California. I serve as CPR’s chairman.  I became active in the peace movement as a college student at the University of Colorado, Boulder in the 1970’s.  I was active with Beyond War’s Ventura group in the 80’s.    Since 1985, I have been the president of Ventura County Physicians for Social Responsibility and currently sit on the board of PSR LA.  In 2002, following the release of the U.S. Nuclear Posture Review which advocated policies that could ignite a renewed global nuclear arms race, we began Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions (CPR) as a grass roots coalition.  I am a  firm believer that the individual can make a difference if only they will — My motivation has always come from the people I love.

Mary Olson

During the time I was studying linguistics and the Russian language at Georgetown University, suspicion of everything Russian was not much less virulent than that against “terrorists” now.  The giant chasm between what people thought was going on in the Russian departments at the universities, and the reality imbued me with a permanent skepticism about the popular demonization of the enemy du jour. A course on the New Testament Basis for Pacifism given by Fr. Richard McSorley educated me not only on the moral questions involved, but also on the scope of the activities of the military industrial complex.

In the 1980’s, when my children were young, I was introduced to Beyond War through a group of women who made the point that it was useless to give your children good food, a good education and yet do nothing to reduce the risk of nuclear war. During the same period, the American Catholic bishops promulgated a paper which condemned nuclear weapons. I became an active member of Beyond War and started a Pax Christi group at my parish.

I come to this work primarily as a mother, through the traditional women’s work of nurturing and community building.  I am currently on the board of Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions, and a member of Pax Christi and Amnesty International Local Group #452 in Ventura.

Kristin Jensen Storey


I believe that we are at a critical point in human evolution. There is an awareness, a consciousness, that more and more are realizing. Organizations such as Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions are part of this awakening. Love is the answer. By loving those closest to us and by loving the stranger on the street and the stranger on the other side of the planet, we embrace the connectedness that is at the core of our human existence. Love is Peace.

thumb_2006_march_kris_bw.jpgHello! I am Kristofer (Kris) Young. In my professional life, I am a holistic chiropractic physician in Ventura, California. My wife, Joanne, and I served in the Peace Corps in Micronesia from 1974-76. Serving on the executive board of CPR is a great pleasure in my life! I am MoveOn.org’s Operation Democracy council coordinator for Ventura County. I am an active local coordinator for Organizing for America . I also have my own foundation called Healing Those Who Heal The World , through which I provide health care at no charge to individuals and groups that I believe are actively contributing to improving life on earth.

Past CPR Executive Board Members

thumb_david_h.jpgHola. Soy David Howard. Soy escritor, traductor, profesor y activista. I’m a writer, translator, educator and pacifist political activist. I grew up in Hartford, Connecticut in a multicultural family with Mexican, East European and Middle Eastern roots. I studied philosophy, literature and linguistics at college.I’ve been inspired by and devoted to CPR since 2002, but my peace activism began 40 years ago in the streets of Chicago, at the Democratic National Convention. My global perspective has been shaped by world travel, including living in Mexico for 12 years and in Spain and Colombia for one year each.My novel “The Last Gospel” was published in 2000. A collection of my recent political essays can be read here. One of my essays was anthologized in 2007 in the book “Peace, Justice and Jews: Reclaiming our Tradition” 

I live in Ojai with my wife Cecilia and daughters, Hannah and Eva.

thumb_evan_peace.jpgmy name is evan austin, and i have been an empowered member of the CPR Board since 2005 when i was awarded the Earth Charter Award for Youth Activism.  i am also the founder and director of the Ojai Peace Coalition, and am interested in exploring all the ways that we can create a working culture of Peace.  i am honored to participate in the rich history that building this culture continually creates, and to have so many brilliant, passionate, and skilled activists as brothers and sisters.i am husband to Jessie and father to Noa, and have an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from Santa Barbara City College.  i have a sister in the Peace Corps and a brother in the Marine Corps Reserves, and i currently reside in Ojai, California.
thumb_robin.jpgRobin Lerner (on left, shown with her friend Shigeko Sasamori)As a woman I have always gravitated towards helping others. I believe the greatest pleasures in life come from helping those in need.I grew up in the housing projects of New York City with my mother and two sisters.  The challenges of growing up poor led me to become a community activist.When I received my Masters Degree in Social Work from California State University Fresno I moved to Los Angeles. There I worked with organizations like The Echo Park Silverlake Community Childcare center , Silverlake Babysitting Co-Op and Ivanhoe Elementary School PTA.  I also helped organize a food co-op and worked to get Jackie Goldberg on the LAUSD Board of Education. I led consciousness raising groups for women through Los Angles City Community College.

With my move to Ventura County in 1993 I joined Temple Beth Torah and became a board member with  Ventura High School PTSA, Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions and Beyond War Organization. I have also attended anti-war demonstrations since the 60’s.

I am honored to be in the presence of such wonderful people whose goal it is to help make the world a better place for everyone. Please come join us.

Peace …. Robin Lerner