CPR Archive 2002-2005

the CPR diary
. . our record of active local and global concern . .

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CPR film series
You can’t be neutral on a moving train

The life and times of historian, activistand author of the best selling classicA People’s History of the United States

CPR monthly meeting
“Picnic in the Park”
A potluck picnic with an eye on networking for peace

CPR film series
“The End of Suburbia:
Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream”

Explores America’s suburban lifestyle and some serious questions regarding its sustainability. Are today’s suburbs destined to become the slums of tomorrow?And what can be done NOW, individually and collectively, to avoid The End of Suburbia

CPR monthly meeting
Think Globally / Act Locally
Updates and Alerts

A series of updates and action alerts on key issuesfor Ventura County activists.

Featuring representatives from CPR, Mayors for Peace/Abolition Now,CAUSE, CORE, AMOR/Veterans for Peace and others, plusReports on the Ventura County Children’s Health Initiative,Liquefied Natural Gas in Oxnard,Counter-recruitment efforts by AMOR and Veterans for Peace,Violence prevention and the Oxnard Gang Injunction.

CPR Special Event
Iraq War veteran and conscientious objector Mr. Delgado talks of his experience as a soldier and Arabic translator in Iraq,his views regarding the U.S. military’s treatment of prisoners in Iraq,and his first-hand observations of the conditions faced by Iraqi civilians.

Presentation includes photos from Abu Ghreib prison,where Mr. Delgado was stationed.

CPR film series
A Film by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein

In the wake of Argentina’s spectacular economic collapse of 2001,thirty unemployed workers in suburban Buenos Aireswalk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave.All they want is to re-start the silent machines.But this simple act ­ “the take” ­ has the powerto turn the globalization debate on its head.

“2020 Vision” Campaign

This emergency campaign of the International Mayors for Peace conferenceproposes a timetable to achieve nuclear disarmamentand abolition by the year 2020.As mayors from around the world attend theNon Proliferation Treaty Review Conference in New York Citywe present an overview of the conferenceand a virtual conference with local delegates.

CPR film series

A personal investigation of the “jobless recovery.”Director Greg Spotts visits nineteen cities and towns across the US,interviewing workers who lost their jobs due to low-wage foreign competition.

A CPR Special Event
TAX DAY 2005
On tax day, 2002, CPR began an annual traditionof presenting a giant check, symbolic of Ventura taxpayers’ dollarsused that year by the federal government for nuclear weapons programs.

This year,CPR was joined by many other prominent community members,not only in Ventura, but in communities across the country,sponsored by local members of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR),discussing the real community needsthat could otherwise have been met with these wasted dollars.

This year’s Ventura presenters included:
Overview: Dr. Robert Dodge – Co-Chairman CPR, President PSR Ventura County
County Government: Supervisor Steve Bennett
Education:- Debbie Golden – Ventura Unified School Board President
Environment: Patagonia Environmental
Health: Dr. Matt Farson – Ventura County Medical Center
Economic Justice: Pamela Meidell – CAUSE President
Youth At Risk: Debbie DeVries and Armando Vasquez -Cafe on A / KEYS Leadership Academy

“Separate Lives, Shared Dreams:The Realities of the Israeli-Palestinian Situation.”

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb,rabbi emeritus of Congregation Nahalat Shalom,in Albuquerque, New Mexico,shares images and stories from her recent visitto Israel and Palestine,reflecting on efforts of people on both sidesworking for co-existence and reconciliation.

CPR film series
“THE FOG OF WAR:Eleven Lessonsfrom the Life of Robert S. McNamara”

Documentarian Errol Morris presents a broad overviewof McNamara, the man, in his multitude of roles.

“AMOR:Alternatives to the Military: Options & Resources”

Projects and mission of AMOR,an Oxnard-basedcounter-recruitment and counseling service.A panel discussion withcounter-recruitment peace activists:

Michael Marsh,Michael Shuman,Tomás Hernández,Michael Cervantes,Debbie De Vries andCarlos San Pedro

CPR film series
“BUSH FAMILY FORTUNES:The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”

Based on Greg Palast’s international best-sellerthis one-hour documentary exposes the missteps andscandalous truths about the Bush family dynasty.

“CHARTING A NEW COURSEin U.S. Nuclear Policy”

A presentation by David KriegerPresident of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

As the U.S. proposes developmentof a new generation of nuclear weapons,David Krieger, President of the Nuclear Age Peace foundation,evaluates current U.S. nuclear policyand the critical need for change.

CPR film series
“UNCONSTITUTIONALThe War on Our Civil Liberties”

The real story behind the USA PATRIOT ACTand other administration policies

“Beyond War:an introductory presentation”

An introductionto the newly reformed international organizationBEYOND WARpresented by Dr. Robert Dodge who sits on its board of directors
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“The Season of Peace”

CPR’s annual “Season of Peace” meetingA multimedia exploration of Spiritual Activism with Dr. Theresa LarkinProf. Larkin brings her passion for Theater of the Oppressed and Legislative Theaterto the subject of spiritual activism in a multimedia, participatory event for CPR.

CPR film series
Michael Moore NightFeaturing “The Awful Truth”

The Michael Moore film that was shut down by the mayor of New York City,got Moore sued by a wealthy industrialist,and landed his Corporate Crime-Fighting Chicken in Disney World jail.

“Peaceful Resolutions in Oxnard:Violence Prevention and Civil Rights”

A community panel discussion of Oxnard’s civil gang injunction,its impact on civil rights, and a host of positive alternativesto punishment and incarceration. The Panel:
Dr. Steven Arvizu
Retired President of Oxnard College

Dr. Frank Barajas
professor of history at Channel Islands State University

Gabriella Navarro-Busch
lead attorney for the coalition
opposing the civil gang injunction in Ventura County Superior Court

Nicolás Crisosto
teacher and community activist

Dr. Debbie De Vries and Armando Vázquez
Co-directors of Café on A and the KEYS Academy,
an award-winning Oxnard College project
serving the most actively at-risk youth of Ventura County

Francisco Romero
teacher and community activist

CPR film series”The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror”

Examines the link between oil interests and U.S. military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan.Also explores the motives behind Bush administration policies, offering new insights intowhy global terrorism is thriving and why the world has become an increasingly unsafe place.

Filmmakers Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy held a Q&A session following the film

Earth Charter Summitand Award Ceremony

“The Earth Charter in Action”Speaker: Dr. Jasmine AimaqUSC, formerly of Global Green, USA

Award Category Honorees:
Respect and care for the community of lifeDr. Debbie De Vries and Armando Vazquezfor Café on A and the Oxnard College KEYS program

Ecological Integrity
Yvon Chouinard founder of Patagonia

Social and Economic Justice
Dr. Marcos Vargas, Carmen Ramirez, and Pamela Meidellfor CAUSE, Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy

Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace
Santa Paula Mayor Gabino Aguirre
for his work with Mayors for Peace

Youth Education and Outreach
Michael Coffey of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

PlusMusic, Food, Opportunities for Activismandthe National Earth Charter Round Robin Webcast

“November Third — What Then?Let’s Talk America”

A discussion to encourage dialogue on the critical issues of our timein this election season.

Ojai PeaceFest

A six hour festival of music in the service of peace and unity.

CPR film series
“The Panama Deception”

Deconstructs official lies surrounding the 1989 US invasion of Panama,suggesting the invasion directly resulted from a plotto renegotiate Jimmy Carter’s 1977 treaty returning controlof the Canal Zone to the Panamanian government by the year 2000.

“Beyond War:Reactivation of a Movement”

Beyond War had 24,000 members around the world in the 1980s.Dr. Bob Dodge, CPR co-chair, presents an introduction toand an overview of this newly reactivated and vital organization.

CPR film series

Rupert Murdoch’s War on JournalismFormer Fox news producers, reporters, bookers and writersprovide an in-depth look at Fox Newsand the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking controlof the public’s right to know.

Hiroshima Commemorative Vigilat Ventura County Government Center

“Remembering Hiroshima:Never Again”
On the 59th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,CPR presents a panel of experts on the current world nuclear statusand the looming threat of a new nuclear arms race. Panelists include:

Brett Wagner, U.S. Congressional Candidate andPresident of the California Center for Strategic Studies

Michael Coffey, Youth Outreach Coordinator for theNuclear Age Peace Foundation in Santa Barbara.

Pamela Meidell, Director of the Atomic Mirror andChairman of the Disarmament Task Force of theFriends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)

CPR film series
“Arsenal of Hypocrisy”

How the Military Industrial complex is marching toward world dominancethrough Space technology on behalf of global corporate interests.

Ventura Street Fair
Raising Public Awareness
2004 Ventura County US Nuclear Arms Industry Contribution

“Take Back America:The Progressive Vision”

Dr. Bob Dodge, CPR co-chair, delivers a report on June’s”Take Back America” conference in Washington D.C.,and reviews the Progressive Vision statementdeveloped by CPR in recent months.

CPR film series
“Counting on Democracy”
Investigates the role played by Florida in the 2000 presidential election,the most contested and controversial election in U.S. history,including charges of disenfranchisement, racial exclusion, voting rights violations,180,000 uncounted votes, and the subverting of the recount.

“Arlington West”
A short film by CPR’s Denis Daneau,about the Arlington West project of Veterans for Peace.

“Mayors for Peace”
Dr. Gabino Aguirre, Mayor of Santa Paula

Dr. Aguirre discusses his April 2004 participation,as the only U.S. representative in the international group Mayors for Peace,as it appeared before the U.N. to present its document “Vision 2020,”a plan to totally eliminate nuclear weapons by the year 2020.

CPR film series
“The Atomic Cafe”

A humorous yet chilling look backat cold-war era paranoia in the United States.

“Let’s Talk America”

An open “town meeting”presented as part of the national effort initiated by the Utne Readerto engage Americans in a conversationabout their hopes and dreams for the future.

“Creating Peace on Earth”
Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Internationally recognized peace-maker, speaks on Nonviolent Communication

A Prison of the Mind
A Play in One Act about the Death PenaltyWritten, Acted, and Directed by Marion Scherer

CPR film series
“Breaking the Silence:Truth and Lies in the War on Terror”

Award-winning journalist John Pilger’s investigationof U.S. and British claims in Afghanistanfinds that Al-Qaida has not been defeatedand the Taliban is re-emerging

“Another World is Possible”
A documentary record of the 2002 World Social Forum,suggesting that, despite an active media blackout in the US,the movement for social justice is alive and well around the world

Tax Day Press Conference
CPR reveals this year’s contribution by Ventura County Taxpayersto the U.S. Nuclear Arms Industry

Building Community: Progressive Coalition Building
Marcos Vargas
Executive Director, Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable EconomyJerry Beckerman
Board President, Sustainability Council of Ventura County

CPR film series
“Regret to Inform”

Barbara Sonneborn’s Academy Award nominated documentarychronicles her personal journey through Vietnamtwenty years after the death of her husband

Developing the Progressive Vision
using Bill Moyers’ 2003 “Take Back America” address as a springboard,an open brainstorming session in search of a unified, collective voicefor the progressive movement
Discussion Leader: Dr. Bob DodgeCo-chairman, CPR

CPR film series
“Uncovered:The Whole Truth About the Iraq War”

sponsored by MoveOn.org, this film presentsCIA, Pentagon and foreign service expertswho claim the administration’s rationale for a pre-emptive warwas based on lies, misstatements, and exaggerations.

CPR special film presentation
“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

a counterpoint to the “official story” of Venezuela’s 2002 coupas witnessed by an independent documentary film crewwho were actually on the scene.

Face to Facewith the Women of Iraq
the impact of war and invasion on Iraqwith emphasis on the viewpoint of its women
Speaker: Kelly Hayes-Raitt
Political Consultant

CPR film series
“The Pinochet Case”

directed by Patricio Guzmana tribute to victims of Chile’s military dictatorshipwho persevered against all odds to make human rights history.2001 Grand Prize winner, Marseille International Documentary Festival

Shaping Opinion on War and Peacein a Divided Community
Speaker: Richard Larsen
Deputy Editor, Ventura County Star

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CPR film series
“Maya Lin:A Strong Clear Vision”

documentary about the 21 year old woman who designedthe Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C.


The Season of Peace and Peacemaking
An interfaith symposium on the role of religion in fostering “peace on earth”With discussion leaders:Farah Michelle Kimball, Islamic Sufi Leader from Santa BarbaraMother Corrie Lassen, Rector of St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Ojai, andRabbi Rick Brody, Rabbi-in-Residence at the Michael Milken High School in Los Angeles.

The Dan Stevens Shalom Award
presented by Project Understandingto Dr. Robert Dodge, co-chairman of CPR

CPR film series
“Power and Terror:Noam Chomsky in Our Times”

CPR Family Picnic
To acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of the past 18 months,share ideas about moving forward, and get to know each other better.

CPR film series
Michael Moore’s”The Big One”

The Ventura CountyEarth Charter Community Summit
Keynote Address: “The Earth Charter in Action”
Dr. Jasmine Aimaq of Global Green USA

The Earth Charter is a statement of global interdependence and shared responsibilityfor the well being of the human family and the planet itselfIt provides a blueprint for achieving a sustainable futureand a practical way to create a safe, secure, and peaceful tomorrow.

This live, interactive internet event took place around the world and in 30 U.S. cities.

2004: Election of an Idea
A community forum focused on identifying critical voter issuesand the development of a candidate report card.

CPR film series
“Raising the Ashes”

the horrors of the holocaust

The Earth Chartera public forum

58th Hiroshima Vigil -Ventura Government Center

Remembering Hiroshima on the Verge of the Second Nuclear Arms Racepresentation by David Krieger, president of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.Presentation followed by the Sadako story and instruction in and building of Origami cranes.

America’s future:Comparing the neo-conservative ‘Project for a NewAmerican Century’with Peace Actions ‘Campaign for a New Foreign Policy’Presented by Danielle Babineau, political coordinator for Peace Action

July 4, 2003 Ventura Street FairRaising awareness of Ventura County’s Nuclear Contribution,Stopping a new arms race – CPR booth

Ventura County’s Nuclear Expenditures 2003
CPR press conference / Ventura County Government Center

“CPR Principles – Visions and Actions – a community response”

Council Circle: Healingmoderated by David Howard and Paul Belgum

“The US Media and the War: All the News That’s Fit to Spin”
panel discussion with Armando Gudino, KPFK; Tim Gallagher,The Star;Bob Wisehart, VC Reporter; Richard Weinstock, internet;Bob Chianese, moderator

“Liberty and Truth are the First Casualties of War(The Patriot Acts)”
Stephen Rhode, ACLU

“The UN 2003”
Tom Higgins

“New Year, Iraq, Sadaam, Where do we go from here?”
panel discussion with Bob Dodge, Bob Chianese, Leah Wells, Sanderson Beck

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Coordination of Ventura Saturday peace marches through 3/03

Ventura Holiday Street Fair / CPR booth

“UN Women’s Global Peace Initiative”, Geneva
Carol Grier

“An Iraq Experience”
Leah Wells, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Earth Charter Community Summit Review

Earth Charter Community Summit
Ventura College
Keynote: Matt Peterson, Global Green

Kelly Campbell – Peaceful Tomorrows
Ventura College Guthrie Hall

Kelly Campbell – Peaceful Tomorrows
Ojai Public Library

“Earth Charter Overview”
Paul Belgum

57th Anniversary Hiroshima Vigil
Ventura Government Center

“Origami Crane Story and Construction”
family program

Community CPR Organization Meeting andAdoption of Mission Statement
Hiroshima Day Slide Show
by Ruth Smith

ABM Withdrawal Candlelight Vigil
Ventura County Government Center


End Threat of Nuclear Weapons
statewide community walk in coalition with Calif. Peace Action

“ABM Treaty Withdrawal: A Town Responds”

Stop Unilateral U.S. ABM Treaty Withdrawal
National White House call in day


“Nuclear Weapons in a Time of Terrorism”
a community forum
panelists: Dr. Bob Dodge, Dr. Bob Chianese, Debbie Golden,Leah Wells, Hilary Carsen, Rev. Don Dewey
moderator: Supervisor Steve Bennett