Lead by Example and Ratify the Test Ban Treaty

Dr. Dodge had a piece published in Roll Call, the Newspaper of Capitol Hill.   In his article, Lead by Example and Ratify Test Ban Treaty , Dr. Dodge, representing Physicians for Social Responsibility, observes that the goal of eliminating all nuclear testing in an effort to stop proliferation  recently gained impressive support when the National Academy of Sciences released its long-awaited report on the technical issues behind the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.  The new NAS study found that “provided that sufficient resources and a national commitment to stockpile stewardship are in place … the United States has the technical ability to maintain a safe, secure, and reliable stockpile of nuclear weapons into the foreseeable future without nuclear explosion testing.”  Directors of all three nuclear labs have testified that testing is not needed for stockpile reliability.  U.S. action on the CTBT will strengthen U.S. and global security by preventing nuclear proliferation.

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