Dr. Dodge on Setting our National Priorities and Reducing Nuclear Danger

Every year in April, Dr. Dodge reflects on our national priorities as revealed in the federal budget and the costs and dangers of our nuclear arsenal.

In 2012, the Ventura County Star published Dr. Dodge’s opinion piece, Federal Budget Should Fund Priorities , in which he points out the many issues which remain underfunded while nuclear weapons programs not only threaten our very survival, but also steal from the lifeblood of every community in our nation, depriving them of precious resources and taking a toll in opportunity costs. He points out that we now have bipartisan elder statesmen who are working to globally eliminate all nuclear weapons stockpiles. We even have Air Force researchers and RAND Corp. nuclear planners who suggest the U.S. could address its military concerns with roughly 300 nuclear weapons.  Our stockpile has outlived its Cold War purpose and it is now time to work to reduce and ultimately eliminate these dangerous weapons and wasteful expenditures.

To read the entire article, click on the link above.


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