April 15, Tax Day, and the Cost of Nuclear Weapons

As April 15, Tax Day, approaches, you can

calculate the costs of nuclear weapons to you and your community.

Read Dr. Dodge’s current piece in Common Dreams:

The Promise of Prague, Self-Assured Destruction and Taxes

Join Global Zero in calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons.


 President Obama,

Four years ago in Prague,

You stated clearly and with conviction your commitment to seek a world without nuclear weapons.  You asked for perseverance.  You dared us to overcome our differences.  You challenged us to ignore the voices that tell us the world cannot change.  And you told us words must mean something.

We heard you.

As you begin your final term in office, we urge you to announce on April 5, 2013 — the 4th anniversary of that historic speech — that you will set the world’s course to global zero by negotiating further cuts to the massive U.S.-Russian Cold War stockpiles and bringing world leaders into the first international negotiations in history for the elimination of all nuclear weapons.

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Each April, Dr. Bob Dodge, of Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions and Physicians for Social Responsibility, calculates the cost of nuclear weapons to our communities.

Nuclear Weapons Programs Taxes for April 15, 2013


In 2012, the average cost of nuclear weapons development to every man, every woman, even every child in the United States, was $178.39

This is based on a national average annual income of $27,915.00


If your income is different from this, you can calculate your income modifier by dividing your income by the national average. For example:  your income $ / $27,915.00 = your modifier

Multiply this amount by $178.39 to get your tax contribution to nuclear weapons programs this year.

Your modifier x $178.39 = Your Nuclear Weapons Tax Contribution


In Ventura County, the average cost per person was even higher, because Ventura County per capita income, hence tax contribution, is higher than the national average.

The per capita income multiplier (pcim) for Ventura County is 1.17
(see source 1 below)

1.17 x $178.39 = $209.22 per person

The population of Ventura County is 835.981 (source 1)
To determine Ventura County’s Nuclear Weapons cost,  multiply $209.22 x 835,981 = $174,907,287.00
Ventura County’s Nuclear Weapons Programs Community Cost is $174,907,287.00

If you don’t live in Ventura County you can calculate the cost of nuclear arms to your community using the following formula:

$178.39 X pcim X your population = community cost

To determine pcim (per capita income multiplier) for your community refer to source 1 listed below: find per capita income for your county, divide by national per capita income.
i.e. average per capita income in your county ÷ national per capita average = pcim for your county

Population figures for your community can also be found in source 1

The national average nuclear cost per person of $178.39 was obtained by dividing total U.S. nuclear weapons expenditures of $56 billion (see sources 2, 3) by the total U.S. population of 313,914,040 (see source 1)

$56,000,000,000.00 ÷ 313,914,040 = $178.39

1. U.S. census Bureau Quick Facts  – http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/index.html
2. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace – Stephen I. Schwartz, Deepti Choubey (1/09)
3. Center for Strategic Budget Analysis – Steven Kosiak, Vice President of Budget Studies – www.csba.org

additional sources:
U.S. Department of Defense
Center for Defense Information

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