Restoring Hope for America’s Future through Developing a Culture of Peace

Dennis Kucinich lectureOn Friday, February 8, 2013,
Dennis Kucinich, former Congressional Representative and Presidential Candidate, gave the Frank K. Kelly lecture on America’s Future. He is one of the most articulate leaders for peace in or out of government. Kucinich was an early supporter of the Nuclear Abolition movement and has traveled the world on behalf of the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Disarmament. During his sixteen years in Congress, he was the principal spokesperson encouraging US participation in the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Small Arms Treaty, and the Landmine Treaty. He strongly advocated for the US joining the International Criminal Court. He was the driving force behind the effort to stop America from attacking Iraq; and he led the efforts to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, to end drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, and to ban weapons in outer space. He has developed a transformative structured approach to deal with domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, violence in the school, gang violence, gun violence and racial violence, all embodied in his proposal for a cabinet-level Department of PeNuclear Age Peace Foundation.
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