The Promise of Prague, Self-Assured Destruction and Taxes

On April 5, 2009, in the first foreign policy address of his presidency, tax day fb action2President Obama expressed his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons. The realization of this vision, shared by a majority of citizens around the world, is vital to the very survival and future of our planet. We the people await the actions that are needed to make this a reality. Now is the time for the president and our leaders to put words into action. As we reflect on this vision and prepare to fund our budget and nation’s priorities the choice is ours.

Meanwhile, we see a nuclear budget so vast that, for example, in 2012 Los Angeles County taxpayers contributed $1.8 billion straight out of their pockets. . . .

Calculate the cost to your community.

In effect, we are made to pay for our own mortal risk. This is unconscionable.

Read Dr. Dodge’s full commentary at Common Dreams.


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