Earth Charter Film Festival

This year, as a prelude to the presentation of our 12th annual Earth Charter Awards Program, Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions is pleased to present an

Earth charter Film Festival

The film festival is co-sponsored by the Ventura College International Studies Program. Each film exemplifies  principles of the Earth Charter. The Festival will be held on Thursday Oct.10th and Friday Oct. 11th at Ventura Colleges MCW 113 lecture hall from 7 – 10 p.m.

map of central region of Ventura College Campus

There will be filmaker discussions following the screenings.

Thursday, October 10

 GROUND OPERATIONS: Battlefields to Farmfields             GroundOperations.scaled

exemplifying the principle of Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace

Sgt. Adam Burke made a promise to God, that if he could live to see his family one more time, he would do something to make his life worth saving. Two years later he started the Veterans Farm, a place of emotional solace and job training in organic blueberry production for disabled vets like himself. Adam is just one of the inspiring and compelling veterans featured in GROUND OPERATIONS: Battlefields to Farmfields.

Follow these men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan as they share their truth: Why they joined the military, how the war experienced changed them, what the daunting return to civilian life has been, how they struggled to find a positive pathway forward and ultimately, when they found organic farming and pasture-raised livestock to be an answer to a dream. Their stories are as inspiring as they are pragmatic as they find their next mission, food security for America.  In a world full of problems, GROUND OPERATIONS is a story about solutions.

Afghanschoolgirls.scaledAfghan Girls School

exemplifying the principle of Respect and Care for the Community of Life

in January 2002 two Quakers, Edith Cole and Joe Franko, traveled to Pakistan, hoping to find a way to help some of the more than 2 million Afghan refugees. The United Nations Commissioner of Refugees directed them to a refugee camp near Akora Khattak in the Peshawar area.
At home in California, Joe and Edith raised funds from friends. Very quickly, seven simple mud brick classrooms were built around a courtyard, eucalyptus trees were planted and young Afghan and Pakistani women were hired as teachers.  In April 2002, the first school with 200 girls attending.  See for yourself in this film, their commitment to hope for the future in the face of devastation.

FRIday, October 11

Voices of the Homelessvoicesofhomelessmusician.png

voicesofhomelessspeaker.pngexemplifying the principle of Social and Economic Justice

Toni Janotta, a local musician, and, now, filmmaker, made this film bringing together jazz musicians, skilled at listening, and homeless people, whose voices are rarely heard, into an artistic ensemble.  Janotta asserts, “We can’t help anybody unless we learn to listen. . . That was the purpose of the documentary, really. It’s about listening”.

Do The Mathdothemath

exemplifying the principle of Environmental Integrity

“Do the Math” is a 42-minute documentary about the rising movement to change the terrifying maths of the climate crisis and to challenge the fossil fuel industry.


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