March Meeting: Organizing: The Power of Community


Sunday, march 6

3:30 to 5:30 p.m.


2016 Kellogg 150 Groundbreaking&Concert Poster

Bell arts factory

432 N.Ventura Ave., Ventura

Miguel Rodriguez, Community Organizer for the Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy will speak on different issues that he has worked on in West Ventura including organizing hundreds of residents for Ventura’s first Community Driven Park: Kellogg Park.


Miguel will also speak about his political involvement in helping develop the power of new and unlikely voters using predictive dialers and other technology to reach traditionally disenfranchised populations.  Additionally Miguel will discuss the Launch of the Farm Worker Bill of Rights which is a policy in the works in Ventura County.

In 2001, while attending college, Miguel Rodriguez was recruited to volunteer making a website for CAUSE. Ten years later, Miguel returned to work at CAUSE for the Civic Engagement Project, soon after he became a leader in the program.  In January of 2011 Miguel started organizing and formed the V.A.U.L.T. (Ventura Avenue United Leadership Team), a collaboration of grassroots leaders that helped stop the financially unsound annexation of unincorporated county land. The group has also worked to preserve the neighborhood’s promised pool money, incorporated a park overlay in the community development plan and managed to get Spanish language translation for Ventura City Council meetings to better incorporate the voice of the west Ventura neighborhood.

Miguel has been organizing for CAUSE in west Ventura for five years and worked to establish the first Latino Leadership Group in the area. Miguel’s experience as a youth leader helped him become an organizer, but the opportunities and challenges of his social justice work at CAUSE helped him build character, inspire change, and take his leadership to a higher level.

NOTE:  Change of venue and slight change of time from our usual meeting place and time.  Ventura County Library has scheduled events in the Topping Room for the first Sundays in March, April and May, so that venue is not available for those months.

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