Ploughshares Petition: Take Nuclear Missiles Off Hair-Trigger Alert

Sign the petition here:
Taking nuclear weapons off high alert would not impede our country’s ability to defend itself. We could still respond to an attack. But it would buy time for the president to consult with Congress and other leaders and for cooler heads to prevail. We should not rush into a decision to start nuclear war.

As Obama said in 2008: “Keeping nuclear weapons ready to launch on a moment’s notice is a dangerous relic of the Cold War. Such policies increase the risk of catastrophic accidents or miscalculation. I believe that we must address this dangerous situation.”

Now, President Trump could launch 140 warheads in the time it takes to write 140 characters. The grave difference is: a tweet can be deleted, but the devastation of a nuclear warhead can never be undone.

Sign this petition to call on President Obama to use his authority to take nuclear missiles off hair-trigger alert status.

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