The Golden Rule sails into Channel Islands Harbor

 The non-profit organization, Veterans for Peace, has recovered and restored the original peace boat, the Golden Rule, that set sail in 1958 to stop nuclear testing in the atmosphere, and which inspired many peace makers and peace ships that followed.

The restored VFP Golden Rule is voyaging once more to show that a nuclear peace is possible. The Golden Rule visited the Channel Islands Harbor  August 29 and 30.

The Golden Rule was welcomed on August 29 with a potluck, music by Captain Ron, presentation by Dr. Robert Dodge and free boat tours.

Peninsula Park 3231 Peninsula Rd., Oxnard.

Sponsored by Veterans For Peace Chapter 112
For more information email or call Helen Jaccard, 206-992-6364
The Golden Rule is a National Project of Veterans For Peace, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Facebook: Golden Rule Peace Boat

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