Ventura County Rising Rally for Community


Justice For All VC is hosting another dynamic community event. “Ventura County Rising” will bring us back together once the smoke has cleared and the ashes have settled. It will be a celebration of the first responders and community activists who have kept us safe and fed. It will be a time of healing. And it will be a political rally that addresses the environmental factors that allowed such a vicious fire to uproot our community. We are one world, political and social. These worlds communicate with each other on the street, and perhaps more importantly, in the voting booth. We have a say in our political and environmental future, and it is up to us exercise our vote.
The event aims to bring community members both awareness and inspired action items that can help heal the people of the county, can strengthen the stability of the state and especially the nation and earth. The gathering is about community action ~ building and rebuilding community – offering resources and tangible ‘calls to action’.

Guest speakers include:
Congresswoman Julia Brownley
Ventura Deputy Mayor Matt LaVere
Environmentalist Peter Kalmus &
Ventura Resident Veronica James.

Representatives from 30 local nonprofit organizations will be there to help you get involved in the community!

On a local level, the Thomas fire has affected
everyone in our county (and surrounding counties), and we recognize that the conditions for this fire are connected to environmental practices that need to be addressed on a national and global level. The interconnectedness of the factors that caused the fire reach in to the economic sphere, the political/rights sphere and the cultural sphere. This event aims to help all of us to see and act on this interconnectedness as a cultural force on local and global levels.
Last year we focused on assuring Ventura County that we were going to stand together against any political winds that might reverse decades of social progress. Justice For All has worked tirelessly on these fronts in the last year. Join us in continuing to make Ventura County the best place to live.

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