Ventura City Council votes to join the Clean Power Alliance of Southern California

On Monday, February 26, the Ventura City Council voted to join the Clean Power Alliance of Southern California after listening to 23 speakers in favor and none against.

The Clean Power Alliance of Southern California is a non-profit organization run by a Board of Directors–one director from each county and from each participating city in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The Clean Power Alliance is self-funded by revenues received from the sale of electricity. No expenses are paid by taxes. Revenues can only be spent to promote Clean Power Alliance goals. They collaborate democratically to select contracts for electricity, decide what rates to charge, and what kinds of energy programs and investments to make. Unlike Edison, the Alliance has no shareholders it has to pay. The Alliance is leaner without extremely high paid executives on first class travel budgets and because of its non-profit status can borrow money at lower rates for projects.

The Alliance asks each city to decide on a default level of renewable energy: 100%, 50% or 36% and each customer can choose how much renewable energy they want. Ventura residents and businesses can tell their Board members what kinds of incentives and offerings they want and what kind and location of investments in new renewable energy generation.

Edison still maintains the grid and handles the billing. If a customer for some reason decides to go back to Edison, they have the choice to opt-out of Clean Power Alliance.

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